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Here at SEO Consultant we believe in real results first. Meaning we don't just tell you what we ‘could’ do for your business and how good we are at SEO, after you sign up.

Unlike other SEO companies we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We will rank your website for an agreed keyword onto the first page of Google – or we will pay you $20. Of course if you are here, you know the immense value of having your business on the front page of Google, above your competitors.

Do you want new customers and more sales?

fade-leftfade-rightA Few Agreements Before We Go Further ...

  • We assume in good faith that you will engage us to provide SEO services for your business once we provide your free results.

  • If you do not engage us after achieving the ranking result for your website – we will remove our SEO strategy and your website will likely fall back in rankings to it’s current position.

  • The keyword is to be agreed between you and us. To be discussed upon consultation about your business.

  • You own a healthy website and it has not been damaged by previous SEO efforts. We’ll establish this in our free SEO Audit.

  • We may need to access your website (or website developer) to tweak it for our SEO purposes.

  • If we haven’t achieved the first page ranking after 6 weeks we will happily pay you $20!

If you're happy with that ...

Let’s get started!


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Since we changed to from our previous SEO company, we have experienced a doubling of new customer enquiries from our website. Not only that but the quality and therefore conversion of these leads has been incredible due to actually finding and ranking us for better keywords.

Phill G., Director